African Insulation Solutions Guide

Download our brand new Knauf Insulation South Africa Solutions guide to ensure your product knowledge is as up to date as possible.
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African Multi Pack Install Guide

Please read the following instructions carefeully before starting your installation of our non-combustible Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack) Insulation.
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Knauf Insulation Company Profile

You can download our Knauf Insulation Company Profile which gives you an overview of who Knauf Insulation is and the wider Knauf Group.
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Product Insulation Guide 2019

Knauf Insulation has created a product range based on which mineral wool is the most suitable for a given application. Download our Insulation Guide below.
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Technical Solutions Product Brochure

We are committed to helping our customers meet the demand for energy efficiency and sustainability in homes, non-residential buildings and industrial applications.
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Urbanscape Green Roof System

Urbanscape Green Roof System is an innovative, lightweight system, designed specifically for green roofs on residential, non-residential and industrial buildings.
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