An extremely high density mineral wool slab providing acoustic insulation against impact noise in concrete separating floors meeting the requirements of floating floor installations.
Designed specifically for sound insulation of internal separating elements in residential and commercial buildings such as timber and metal stud partitions and timber flooring.
Offering combined thermal and acoustic insulation across a wide range of residential and non-residential building applications.
Produced to offer both a rigid, friction fit batt suitable for traditional installation methods in timber and steel frame structures including drywall partitioning as well as meeting R-values recognised in South Africa.
Conveniently packaged as two separate ready-cut 600mm wide rolls suitable for friction-fit installation in residential or commercial applications within timber or metal frame systems.
Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack) is a Glass Mineral Wool roll that has a Euroclass A1 non-combustible reaction to fire rating and is manufactured using our revolutionary ECOSE® technology.
Ceiling Rolls (Loft Rolls) are Glass Mineral Wool rolls that have a Euroclass A1 non-combustible reaction to fire rating and are manufactured using our revolutionary ECOSE® technology. Rolls are available as full width (1200mm) or in Combi-cut variants.
DriTherm Cavity Slabs are non-combustible Glass Mineral Wool slabs, manufactured using our revolutionary ECOSE® Technology and a water repellent additive, designed for use in external masonry cavity walls to provide a full-fill insulation solution which is installed as walls are being built.
Faced with a reinforced aluminium foil, KDR offers total flexibility to aid installation around square, rectangular and circular duct work with maximum service temperatures of 230°C.
KLIMA Duct Board KDB 033 is manufactured from non-combustible, rock mineral wool to provide a robust slab with high thermal efficiency.
External Wall Insulation (EWI) Slab is a medium density compression resistant, water resistant, mineral wool slab. It’s fire resistance removes the need for fire barriers, giving simple, quick and economical insulation for external wall insulation systems.
A high strength compression resistant, water resistant, mineral wool slab for use around window and door reveals. EWI Reveal Slab is designed to thermally upgrade existing buildings including some which may be hard to treat.
FactoryClad Rolls are flexible, lightweight, resilient, non-combustible mineral wool with exceptionally high tear strength.
A highly fire resistant wired mat used to sub-divide voids and spaces to prevent the spread of fire in buildings. It is available foil-faced to suit individual application requirements and is installed in a vertical position.
PyroDuct Slab is fully tested and certified to provide up to two hours fire protection to HVAC steel ductwork. It can be used in horizontal ducts, vertical ducts, ducts passing through compartment walls and floors and kitchen extracts.
This high density solution has high compressive strength for flat roof applications where some occasional loading and impact resistance is crucial.
Masonry Party Wall Slab is a flexible, lightweight mineral wool slab which is resilient and non-combustible.
Rafter Roll provides high levels of thermal resistance. It is 1200mm width, can be easily cut on site and ‘friction fitted’ to suit rafters at any centres.
A semi-rigid, non-combustible rock mineral wool slab with a no-added formaldehyde water repellent binder. Euroclass A1 is non-combustible and suitable for use in buildings over 18m.
Specifically designed for ‘friction fitting’ in steel frame walls, SteelTherm is ‘Extra Wide’ to fit in steel frame ‘C’ sections. Rolls are fully cut 2 x 600mm.
Manufactured at higher density to offer superior acoustic performance for building elements such as metal and timber frame partitions, above suspended ceilings and intermediate floors around areas demanding heightened privacy.