Rolls are available as full width (1200mm) or in Combicut variants. Combi-cut rolls have partially cut perforations, allowing ease of separation so that each roll can be used in joists at 760mm centres (by using 1 x 800mm or 2 x 400mm widths) or split in half to be used in 600mm joist centres. They can also be used unsplit as full 1200mm widths.
Rafter Roll provides high levels of thermal resistance. It is 1200mm width, can be easily cut on site and ‘friction fitted’ to suit rafters at any centres.
Manufactured at higher density to offer superior acoustic performance for building elements such as metal and timber frame partitions, above suspended ceilings and intermediate floors around areas demanding heightened privacy.
Offering combined thermal and acoustic insulation across a wide range of residential and non-residential building applications.
Purlin Roll is a lightweight, flexible, noncombustible yet robust Glass mineral wool roll with foil facing on one side. The reinforced aluminium foil facing is cut flush with the edge of the roll and should be installed face down. The roll is manufactured in 1200mm widths and provides R-values recognised in South Africa.
Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack) is a Glass Mineral Wool roll that has a Euroclass A1 non-combustible reaction to fire rating and is manufactured using our revolutionary ECOSE® technology. Ceiling rolls provide installers with flexibility of being used as a complete 100mm deep roll or as 2 x 50mm deep rolls. Rolls can easily be cut to suit joist centres.